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Program offered by Bill Blackwood LEMIT

Leadership Inventory for Female Executives (LIFE) is designed to bridge the existing gap of female representation at executive levels in Texas and nationwide. The goal of the course is to offer an arena for executive development among existing and future female leaders. The structure of the course and its contents have been supported with extensive evaluation and research on women leadership and executive advancement, with a particular focus on the female executive voice in public safety. The LIFE program is offered in small classes to allow for discussion, exploration, and professional career planning. Therefore, our policy is one participant per agency per class.

The Leadership Inventory for Female Executives (LIFE) program also has a quarterly newsletter, LIFELINE, and an Alumni Association designed to keep our graduates connected through education and inspirational information.

We encourage all female officers currently in or aspiring to be in command staff positions to attend. The LIFE course its five (5) days long and will provide you with 40 hours of TCOLE (3751) credit. 

LIFE Course cost is $350 per person for Texas Law Enforcement Officers or $400 per person for other personnel.

Topics Covered in our program include: 

Assess personal and professional competencies

Understand organizational practices

Identify leadership styles and decision-making processes

Develop networking opportunities and mentor female officers

Evaluate career planning strategies

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